At Rooster, our mission is to create a
intelligent, efficient and ethical AI solution to combat shoplifting in locally owned stores.

Devin Jernigan

Software Engineers-
Spencer Kunkel
Bridger Danby

Design/Strategy -
Me! (Jane Coates)
August 2023 - April 2024
my Role
Product Designer, Graphic Design, Research, Social Media, Strategy, UX/UI

THE PROBLEM:   Local retail stores face significant challenges with shoplifting, lacking access to affordable, effective, and ethical anti-theft solutions. This issue not only impacts their revenues but also their ability to operate sustainably within their communities.

ACTION: Over two semesters, I collaborated with a small team to develop Rooster, a startup aimed at addressing this problem through intelligent technology. Our mission was clear: to create an AI security solution tailored to the needs and ethical considerations of locally owned stores.

 My role encompassed conducting a dynamic competitive analysis to understand the market landscape, designing the product's UX/UI in Figma to ensure user-friendliness, and developing the overall brand identity, including          
and branding guide. This comprehensive strategy was designed to position Rooster as a leader in ethical AI solutions for retail security.

RESULT: Rooster successfully launched in five local stores, with plans for further expansion. Our solution has not only provided these businesses with an efficient and ethical tool to combat shoplifting but has also set a new standard for integrating AI in retail security. The value I contributed through my work on competitive analysis, product design, and branding has been instrumental in Rooster's initial success, demonstrating the power of thoughtful design and strategic planning in launching tech startups.




Overall, this journey made me realize that I can do anything. 
I know how to research, how to brand correctly, how to brainstorm. 
I can be productive and creative, but also make a difference.