2021-2022 Academic Calendar— BYU Women’s Services and Resources calender

While working at BYU Women’s Services and Resources in 2021 an assignment was to design and print 2000+ calendars that were to be distributed campus wide.

The goal of this design was for it to have feminine undertones that weren’t overwhelming, specific colors and lettertypes were chosen to achieve this.

   Having women in BYU’s history featured be heard was also an important aspect of the design, so every design includes a quote that was found to elevate women’s voices on campus. Sadly it was extremely difficult to find quotes from the women of the church and took a lot of research in the library for older quotes. My goal was to emphasis women more on BYU campus, there is not a single building named after a woman on our campus and I hoped that a calendar full of women would persuade others to give a voice to the voiceless.