Jane Coates. 

I am a senior at BYU in graphic design.
I love to find connection in my work.
I appericiate the small details, having a keen eye for detail, beauty, and a little bit of curiosity. 

My favorite way to find inspiration
is exploring new and old cities. I travel constantly and find inspiration from meeting new people, and being inspired by them. 

I have a strong inclination towards
branding, alternative processes, letterpress, packaging, motion design, digital design, social media work, AI work and creative direction. 

cool things about me:

-competed in a fighting robot tournament in Beijing
-able to drive stick shift
-taught young girls how to code at coding camps
-lead peace/conflict workshops in Jerusalem with Israeli and Palestinian teenagers
-traveled to 24+ countries, 4+ humanitarian projects
-Ran 10+ interactive body positive programs for college age girls
-Accepted into Sandbox program at BYU
-Designer for a software start-up company with 3 other students, product in 5+ local stores currently

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